:DDDD I’m soo happy.<3

Today I went to my aunt’s house for a facial[’cause I have really unhealthy skin] and she knows how to sew and stuff, right?

Last week’ish I went into a one-day Shugo Chara phase and when I was watching the episodes, I realized that Amu’s outfit when she character-transforms with Miki..
looks so awesome and cute.

And I wanted to cosplay it. =]

So I stayed up sketching, adding my own little things, and coloring a frontview and backview picture of Miki’s transformation outfit. No hat though.
[Okay, so I’m not the best artist..]

 Shugo Chara Miki Cosplay Colored Resized

Ehe. Miki’s my favorite Shugo Chara character. Not only because she’s the blue one, but she’s stubborn and sensitive like I am. She’s kinda the normal one, but once in a while she’s cute.

And she’s a FANGIRL. xD Kiseki and Yoru, anyone? And you just can’t say I’m not a fangirl after reading my past few posts about SuJu.

My plan was to ask my aunt if she could make it and have my parents pay for it as my birthday present. ^^; And I was really determined about getting this plan done because this is the first time I’ve ever asked for a birthday present instead of waiting for a surprise.
So I asked her and she said YES! :DDDDD

But the catch: it’ll take three months.

x__X I kinda wanted to wear it at the anime expo in May..
But there’ll probably be another expo here before I outgrow it, right?
[Besides, I’ve already got my growth spurt and damn it all. >__>]
Whee I get to cosplay for the first time!

So I got home and was like,
“..:D So since it’ll take that long..can I have the album too?”
and my daddy said yes! <3333

A Shugo Chara Amulet Spade cosplay outfit AND the SuJu-M Me album!


10 Responses

  1. Yo! I love shugo chara too. This maybe four months old but, I just want to tell you that I’m in love with miki too. I would like to cosplay it also. I’m not asking if your aunt will make one also, I’m wondering if it done or not yet. I’d like to see it on you. It must be cute!

  2. Hi. :D Actually, it’s not done yet. >___O It’s been so long… When it’s finish I’ll probably blog about it, so yeah. =3 Thanks for commenting!

  3. waterpixie, are you the same waterpixie in my YM contacts? lol tis been so long. XD

  4. LOL I THINK I AM. I recognize your email address! xD
    It has been waaay too long. D: Ah, I just realized I didn’t reinstall YM on my new laptop. LOL. IT REALLY HAS BEEN WAY TOO LONG.

  5. I KNOW!! hahaha. and I wondered why you weren’t going online just when I got back! x3

    it’s so nice to see you again pixie! *huggles*

    (late reply due to work, yeah lousy excuse I know! T___T)

  6. omg omg i wanna see your miki costume i bet it will look so cute :3
    you should post it as soon as its done~

  7. […] Part 2 :D Remember remember remember back in April when I said my auntie would be making me a Shugo Chara Amulet Spade cosplay? Guess what guess what! […]

  8. Cool, amulet spade is my favorite chara change too =D i like miki cuz she’s the artistic and not girly one xD also, i love blue =P
    oh, i also love suju haha

  9. i love shugo chara too! did u know at mangafox or onemanga u can read shugo chara manga?! in ENGLISH!!!!!!!!! anyways, youre the same as me. kay?

  10. hola esta pagina esta muy bonita conosco una muy bonita de chuigo chra donde encuentras reseñas pero tienes que rejistrase pero vale la pena la verdad esta es su dirrecion

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