Am I getting old? D:

:D So, like, for the past week or two weeks or whatever, I’ve been in a horrible mood at school. Crying and being pissed off and stuff, and when I get home to my computer and internet<3 and I listen to SuJu and SuJu-M and other Asianpop music, I feel completely better. :D That is, until somebody decides not to leave me alone and annoys me.

:DD And now I’m back again being happeh happeh~~ from more Asianpop stuff!

Last Wednesday, my dad took me to this Asian plaza so he could buy herbs and medicine for my skin, and there were some bookstores and CD stores there, and they all turned out to be Viet stuff.. ^^;
So I asked my dad if there were Taiwanese bookstores around.

And today he actually took me to some! :D
I was expecting it all to be oldies music and DVDs since those are the stores my dad goes to to buy the Chinese newspaper, and it mostly was..UNTIL!


Iloveyouguys again. :D

I also saw S.H.E and F4 and DVDs of “It Started With A Kiss” and “Hana Kimi” and “Honey and Clover” and a CD with Joe Cheng‘s face on it, and a drama that Yamapi[Yamashita Tomohisa from NEWS!! Uweh? Japanese?] starred in!

AAAAAAND there were shelves of manga in Chinese! If I hadn’t quit Chinese school in kindergarten, I would’ve snagged a few. xD But I still can’t read Chinese.. but at least I can play piano. ^^; ‘Cause my parents made me take that instead. Couldn’t find any Tsubasa though..

It was..absolutely miraculous. :D
I never thought I’d be so interested in Mando-pop.

Anyway my daddy bought me the Fahrenheit albums. xD
Hahah you can tell I’m totally making a big deal out of it. I know I’ve said it over and over but I never used to buy idol merchandise, so it’s just sooo exciting for me!
[Expect this every time I get something new! xD]

 =] I didn’t exactly ask for it; my dad just sorta..bought it for me. xD <3 Thankfully it was HEEEELLA cheap! TWO 18-SONG ALBUMS together for $8.99! AND it was on sale too! With tax it was less than $9.

Wtf..D: That’s totally craaaazy. I bought one J-pop single for $13.

xD In the car it took me heeella long to figure out how to open the case. It turns out that the box is WOODEN and I was totally wowed by it. xD

And the little packet it comes with, I had hoped that it had pictures, but it was just lyrics in Chinese which I can’t read..^^;


On some comments of DBSK videos, some people were comparing DBSK with Fahrenheit and lots of people said that Fahrenheit are good-looking, but can’t sing.

I kind of disagree. I can listen to their albums over and over.
[Well now I can. Hahah. I dug up my old walkman CD player! :DD]

I feel like I’m appreciating their music so much more now. ^^ Lots of songs I used to not like, I can listen to it on the CD and I’ll be like,
Oh hey this is kind of a nice song.. why didn’t I pay any attention to it before?

Songs like “I Have My Young” or something like that. x___X What? Everything on here’s written in Chinese! I’m trying to remember the translated names I saw on a website.

Somehow I can appreciate it more now that I own the CDs and that I’m actually listening to a real CD instead of downloaded mp3s or MVs on youtube. xD

And I think one other thing that made me uninterested were some of the MVs that were overdone or “scared” me. But just listening to the music is kinda nice.

xD It’s gonna be kinda funny listening to music in a language I don’t understand, but my parents do. [‘Cause they can speak English, Canto, Mandarin, and Viet.] If the lyrics are really stupid or corny or dirty or something, I won’t know.


OH, RIGHT! The story behind the blog title! xO

In the car my dad was like, “Those guys are really popular in Taiwan,”
and I was just like, “WHAT?! You know them?!”

And then I asked him if he knew S.H.E and he said this,
Me? Even your MOM knows them! I have some of their songs!
He even NAMED some!

And I was freaking AMAAAAZED.

My MOM. She’s big on old music. She hates new music.
In fact she hated all the stuff I used to listen to, too. And let me tell you that I never listened to American boy bands or screamo or rap or rock or anything. She even called my old Hilary Duff songs trash. xDD And that’s amazing ’cause I listened to stuff like “Come Clean” and “So Yesterday“. dad..likes a band…that I like.
No, what’s worse is that my MOM likes a band I like.
She even likes Wu Chun of Fahrenheit.

I am amazed and totally stunned.
Perhaps I’m getting old?

[Gwuaha, next Ima ask about Korean bookstores!]


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