Going back in time.

D: Today’s my orchestra’s CMEA performance, so I had to wake up early’ish on a Saturday morning.. >___>

So, like, I turned on the TV and after a year or so, and tried to catch up on my old cartoons. xD KidsWB heeeecka changed! xO Wtf is this…
There’s too many new pointless, stupid, nonsenseful shows.

=/ They need to bring back Pokemon, Yugioh, Megaman, Xiaolin Showdown, and even Spdr Riders. All these new shows are stupid.. They make no sense.. And teach children bad, weird things. -____-;

So then I went to 4kidsTV xD First time in two years!
=O Winx Club was on!

It changed so much that I shouted, “What the hell is this?!”

What season is this?! What is all this?

EW!!!! EW EW EW! >___< -has youknowwhatphobia-

Ooh the pixies! :DD <3 Winx Club is one of the reasons why I chose my usernames to be “waterpixie“. Well it’s not the origin of my name, but yeah.. I used to be obsessed with WC in season one. ^^; Then after they reran 5-6 times, I got bored, slept in, and got into anime instead.

I have a bunch of other stuff like a book and the trading card game, but couldn’t find ’em and was too lazy to look. Oh yeah, my Musa doll is missing. Rofl.

O____o YugiohGX is weird.. It’s, like..wth… you can shoot cards out of your dueldiskgunthing at real life creatures? Does that even make any sense? No attack points or defense points or anything?
All these years I thought YugiohGX was about some academy or tournament or something..

Is this what children like nowadays? >.> Not that I’m a child myself, but mentally I could pass for one. xD Even if I was a kid, I wouldn’t like this trash.



I’m back. And I feel like telling you what happened.

My friend, Tina, right? She’s first chair and is my stand partner. She had a track meet today so she asked me to take her violin for her, and she’d get her own ride to CMEA later.

I was kinda looking forward to it, ’cause my orchestra only has 15 members. We’re very close and we all know each other and stuff. It’s really nice.
The other orchestra, the Symphony one, has, like, 80-something members. ^^;;;; We had to go with them to CMEA.

The bus ride there was..really lonely.

I sat by myself next to the two violins, and stared out the window while listening to Asian-pop songs.

I suppose Kojiru tried to make me feel better a little ’cause at the start of the bus ride, she sent me heart gestures while singing,
For youuuuuu~” [Minimoni’s “Crazy About You” reference]

I don’t like high school. I miss my middle school days.
It was just last year, but it felt like so long ago. Back when I don’t think I would’ve been left to sit by myself on the bus. A lot of people changed. In fact, I changed a lot myself.

Sometimes I look at my xanga entries from a year ago and I find it hard to believe that that person is me. Life is funny.

There are two high schools around here, so half of my friends went to the other high school. I pretty much drifted away from them, one person in particular who I could used to count on to keep me company or listen to whatever I had to say. I don’t even talk to him anymore. At least he’s happy.

I thought about this on the bus ride.

Anyway. ^^; Our performance wasn’t too bad. I didn’t make too many noticable mistakes! Yattaaa..~ But I’m still no good at violin. =[

Henry would be so ashamed. Hahah.
You’re gonna hit me on the head for constantly making SuJu-M references, aren’t you? xD Just ’cause I looo♥ve themm?

One day Ima try to learn and play the violin part in Don’t Don. =] Doesn’t seem too hard. Hardest part should be figuring out the notes, which I’m bad at.

Hahah we took this pic during intermission while we were watching the other groups perform.
For, well, reasons, I’m not gonna name people, but I’m the one in the left upper corner? I look so FREAKY. D: My eyes look big.

DUUUDE D: For pictures, they made us LINE UP BY HEIGHT.

JUST AS I EXPECTED. I HATE LINING UP BY HEIGHT. >[ Because I hate my height. I’m only 5’6, okay?! =/ Yet I’m the

  • tallest girl in my orchestra
  • tallest out of the violinists and violists, and
  • third tallest overall in my orchestra. [although I’m practically the same height as the second-tallest, we both prefer to think that he’s taller.]

The bus ride back was pretty fun. ^^ Me and Tina were obsessed with taking pictures. xD

Usually, we don’t do this, but lately we’ve all been wanting to take pictures together.. because some of my friends’ parents want my friends to transfer to the other high school. =/ Because our current school has the reputation of being a bad school…

So for the next couple months, I’m gonna totally ignore the fact that I look extremely plain and am ugly in pictures, and I’m gonna ignore the fact that people might think we’re conceited from taking lots of pictures and stuff.
I’m just gonna do it.

Yeah, we hafta dress formally and in black for performances. ^^;
I’m the one on the left and the one who has her arm around me is Kojiru.
Lol -____-; You see my earphone dangling..

:DD I like this pic ’cause I’m bending over and don’t look freakishly tall!!! <33
And big smiless :D But mostly because we weren’t ready for this picture and something amusing happened in the background.

Rofl this picture is called the Asian Fob Squat. -____-;;
Usually when the guys think of dumb ideas like this, I’m the first one to go, “xDDDD You guys are stupid!”, but I was in a good mood so I joined in. :D Of course I’m wearing a skirt so I didn’t exactly..fob squat…
The money’s supposed to make it look like we’re gambling. xD

I think in this pic, it’s suuuuuuuuuuper apparent that I have suuuuuper pale skin .___.

When I got home I was in a suuuupaahhhh good mood. :D ‘Cause I laughed a lot and talked with everyone and even some people in Symphony orchestra I knew in middle school, and we took lots of pictures and stuff.
It was really nice.

Felt like the old days.


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