‘Progress Report’

:DD I can now identify all 13 members of SuJu by face and name.
Rofl I’m so proud of myself over something like this. xD
My life is getting more and more pathetic everyday.

At first I was like, “Oh yay I can recognize everyone in SuJu-M now!” and then I started watching Exploration of the Human Body and now I know them all. :D

EHB is heecka awesome. At first, I thought by the name that it’d be all scientificy[which it kinda is] and there’d be lots of blood and other body stuff that I’m afraid of, but it’s cool.
The members are hilarious and unforgettable in the show and you actually learn interesting stuff. ^^ A lot of my friends are in track and field and I was telling them ways to jump further and stuff. xD

Hahah I’m so proud.<3

I mean, if you look back at my blogs, there were points when I was like, “I don’t know who the heck all these people are and apparently I’m not caring much; I’ll stick with SuJu-M.” But then I started getting interested in the rest of SuJu ’cause of three words:
Donghae[<3], Yesung, and Eunhyuk. Yeah.

So I guess I’m a full SuJu fan now? xD Works for me.

I’m starting to like DBSK a little too now after seeing the EHB episode where they guest star, which was an awesome ep by the way.

Yunho‘s so cute :D But I can’t recognize him in MVs at all.
-is shot-
So far not interested in anybody else in DBSK though. Hmn.
And their music hasn’t exactly captured me either..

Hahah. I’m sorry. I ramble too much. This post had almost nothing to do with SuJu at all. xD
But my fangirlism energy had to be let out somewhere.

Sigh. My mythology report is finally over.
I can finally move along with the rest of my life. D:
Time to catch up on dramas and anime!

Nyahh. Today I had to present it. =/ And I was so nervous and scared and so upset because I did bad, after my presentation, I started crying in class.
I’m not sure if anybody saw though. Loooser.


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