I have an urge to learn how to dance. I can’t dance.

And I don’t know why, but.. I don’t know. I’ve never told anyone this but sometimes I feel like I wanna strive to be something like a singer or actor or model or something.

But with my looks and vocal abilities, it’s obviously not possible.

And I can’t act for my life.. I’m good at putting on facades, but acting is a no. And modeling is a little out of the question too because of my looks and shyness.

My parents’ friends and relatives have always told me when they first met me,
Oh you’re so tall and so pretty[trust me, they were just being polite]; you can go be a model or become Miss Chinatown blah blah blah,”  but I’m really not that tall. =/
Just 5’6.
But most of my friends are 5’2. And I’m the tallest one in my family.
I hate my height..

So really I don’t know what the hell I wanna do now or why I’m blogging about it. xD I always thought I’d grow up to become some really insignificant computer technician or something.

I guess ever since I got into J-pop and singing and idols, I started feeling this way somewhere reaaaally deep inside, but Super Junior, SuJu-M, Henry and Zhou Mi, and DBSK inspired it to come out.

The story of Eunhyuk[SuJu] and Junsu[DBSK] is really inspiring.
So they were childhood friends and both were really interested in dancing, so they formed a dance club together at school, and their dreams were to become singers. And both of them really did, now are part of the two most popular groups in Korea, and are still best friends.
Simply amazing.

And then there’s Henry and Zhou Mi. I really, really admire them. They’ve always dreamed of this and worked so hard and come so far and even with so many people against them, they’re still trying their hardest, and just, man. <3

Hahah I have no clue where this blog is going, so I’ll stop.

I’m not even sure if I’m singing my dreams.


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  1. That’s soooo weird but the exact same thing happens to me. [You’re probably kinda freaked out why some random person is relating to you but lol no worries] But yea so im filipino and everyones all woowwww you should be a model or go be Miss Philippines. Im 5’8 so im like a tower compared to my other filipino family lol
    but thats so wierd im exactly like you ive always wanted to be an actor and stuff but of course cant because im WICKED shy lol okay ill stop my rambling and

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