Just because I’m bored

I’m bored..

Spent all day recording lines. =/ Didn’t make much progress plus I killed my throat. It hurts. In a couple days I may have to start cancelling out on people and leaving some small groups, ’cause there’s no point in singing if you’re only doing it because you need to.
I want to sing what I want to sing.

x____X What happened to all that excitement I had yesterday…
-looks down drain- Ah.


7nin Tengoku‘s second groupdub, Hare Ame Nochi Suki, is up!


Cast / My Critique

Takahashi Ai: JPNSinger101/Nami
Such a nice, strong voice. D: Fits Takahashi well!
Kago Ai: Micchichanpyon/Micchi
Cutee. As usual, sung all parts almost flawlessly.
Yaguchi Mari: marimari999/Mari
Smooth and pretty voice. In a way, fits Yaguchi.
Niigaki Risa: waterpixie/Eva
Ugh. She didn’t suit Niigaki at all. In Sakura Mankai, she was told that her voice was too “cutesy” and high for Niigaki so she tried to sing in a different tone, but failed horribly. Also she had Abe’s part in this concert clip.
Kamei Eri: japeysan/Lulu
A little out of tune on some parts but good nonetheless. Voice was kinda on the boundary of cute and pretty but leaning on the cute side. xP
Konno Asami: FeatherWing14/Chobie
Adorable voice but not really too much like Konno.
Yoshizawa Hitomi: Arinacchi/Arinachi
Oo, nice Yossie voice. D: I dunno why but it sounded like at some parts, her voice weakened a little and then strengthened again.

Mixing: Mari – Goodgood, but some of the lines lagged a little so we sound like we’re singing out of time.


Hey. I wanna talk to you.
But I’m scared.
Weren’t you the one who said we should stay in touch?


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