Today was kojirurules‘s 15th birthdayy. :D

I got her this: GAM’s first single, Thanks.


Thankfully she liked it. ^^ I’m glad she didn’t already have it, ’cause when she went to Taiwan, she bought Lu Lu Lu and never told me. x______X
She only told me she got the Momusu All Singles Complete.

Uhu~ Happy birthday!


And er..happy Earth day?

Shouldn’t we be thankful?

In science recently we had to do projects about the carbon and nitrogen cycles, so I made a comic about the carbon cycle. ^^;
Starring a chibi named Carbon.

Textbooks should all be like this. xD It’d be more fun.
[WARNING: Evah ish not a good artist. D: And has ugly handwriting.]

Carbon Cycle

Carbon Cycle 2

I got lazy and didn’t clean the second page well. xD

And the wordings were BS’d. As long as you could read em, right?
Some parts were left in my handwriting and just in case:

“The plant turned me into glucose through photosynthesis,” – “Sniffle.”

Dog – “Munch munch munch” “I’m being eaten! Oh noes~~~~” “Just my luck.”

On the present – “To Glucose”

“Finally I’m off to the lungs and out of here” – “Rub rub”

Hopefully I’ll get a good grade on this. >[ At least I tried to be somewhat creative. Arghhh MUST BEAT MICHELLE!
Michelle = girl in my class who has the highest grade
Eva = has the second highest grade

>O I used to have the highest! I’m soo maddd. I must get my place back. I’m determined to get my place back. Anyway. xD

Lol you probably didn’t, but I hope you learned something! :D

Thank you, Earth!


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