Stupid Oppa

New cover~~~

[Cover] BeBe Mignon – Oppa Babo 오빠바보

I seriously love this talented, underrated, gorgeous, down-to-earth group. :D

I HAD to cover this song even though probably nobody’ll watch it ’cause BeBe Mignon is so underrated. ;w; Just a warning that I’m not Korean and I’m N-O-W-H-E-R-E near the level of their singing.The instrumental had absolutely no backtrack, so every voice is mine~

And sorry the ad libs at the end are so so so weak D; because my range is really limited.

I plan to tweet this video to Ben later :3 because she, Hae Geum, and Ga Eul are really sweet and reply to tweets from fans. ^^ And Ben is even following me. So we’ll see! I’m excited just thinking that a BeBe Mignon member might watch this ;____;

I’m waiting for a time when Ben’s on twitter. xD Then I’ll tweet it to increase chances of her seeing it. Kekeke.


YEEEE school’s out and we have Christmas break! I’m happy but at the same time, iono ’cause I really hope I don’t end up wasting this vacation too. D: I hope I actually get to DO stuff. And that I’ll get to go out of the house and play with friends and stuff.
I’m excited that my friend and I are thinking of making a film over vacation :] That sounds awesome. And because I’m “pretty much the only girl he knows in my city who would commit to doing a video with him,” I probably will have to act as the main girl part.. O: How scary but exciting~!

And this week was finals. D; I’m soooo happy that I got A’s on my worst two finals…
The French oral and the fake job interview for economics. D: For the job interview, I had to go to school in a skirt, dress shirt, tights, and flats and look “professional” and stuff xD and it was in front of the class. It was scary as hell! But I got through it and I felt good about it after and I got an A. ^^ As for my oral, I stayed up til 3:30 AM the night before, preparing myself for it–making up scenarios and learning hella vocabulary, so I’d be ready for any question I might pick out of the box. And I knocked my teacher’s socks off >:DDDDD Literally. She does this thing where if you really impress her, she shows you her socks. =_=

Ahhh~ it feels so good now that they’re over x]

And then I was worried for physics today because our final was an egg-dropping project.. but my team got 600/500 on it. :] I can’t believe the egg successfully dropped and didn’t break all 3 times! ;D I felt some pressure because our design was all my idea.

I’m so surprised by my grades right now. ;_; All year I’ve been saying things like, “Ahh who needs to be valedictorian anyway >.>” and “Ugh you know what, I don’t care that much anymore about my grades.. I give up” and “I didn’t want to make a speech anyway ;_;” and “I’ll just listen to my dad who says there’s no difference betweeen a B and an A!”

I really, really, really thought I would have B’s at the end. D: because for most of this semester, I had 3 B+’s >_< in French, physics, and AP literature. It’s not senioritis. I’ve been working as hard as I always have, but I got specific classes/teachers under which it’s extremely difficult to get good grades.. Like the classes where hardly anyone even has an A. D:

Somehow I have all A’s right now. O_O After finals and everything….
Not sure about AP lit though ’cause my teacher didn’t put in grades for finals. But without finals, I managed to get an A- ;__; <3 omggggggggg~~~

Other than school and the new cover, nothing new’s up. xD


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