Lolli lolli lollipop~

O_O Oh. Just realized I never posted the Lollipop collab up.

[Collab Cover] Big Bang & 2NE1 – Lollipop (롤리팝)

Dara: Mimi []
CL: Eva []
Bom: Chiisana []
Minzy: Ashley []
G-Dragon: EL []
TOP: Tommy []
Taeyang: JC []
Seungri: Tomiya []
Daesung: Nico []

Mixing: Mimi & Eva

Dear amazing cast, I ♥ you. :D This is such an honor and you guys’re perfection. Thanks soooooo muchhh! I know it took forever but it’s finally donee~

Sorry the video quality is so fugly. ;_; HD versions are like nonexistent.. So just focus on the [sexy]vocals & be content. :]


Yep so I’m really happy with this collab ’cause I loooove the cast. ^^ And I’m so glad we got a pretty good reaction. :]]]


Ah… I was REALLY hope to not waste this Christmas break like how I’ve wasted away my life. xD;;

But in the end, I’ve been spending everyday at home because I’ve been sick.. ;_; I had no choice but to let my Christmas break waste away. ;____________; N-not fair..

And I guess my sickness decided to split the symptoms into two separate weeks -__- Last week I lost my voice and had a runny nose and I felt flimsy and weak and like I wanted to topple over. This week I don’t have that anymore, and I can even sing O: but … headache, dizziness, nausea… ;w; Why couldn’t I just have gotten it all at once and gotten it over with? Whyy?

I haven’t even started my homework ;w; because I feel terrible and can barely think.

So because I really haven’t been feeling like eating, I came to the resolution that whenever I get an urge to eat something, I’ll eat it without hesitation. Like seasoned seaweed and tea and chocolate.
Last night, I even had a craving for salt so I licked my finger and dipped it in a container of salt. >_____> Okay actually I did that several times; don’t judge me. ;w; lol.


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