5 Facts/Holiday Vlog daridiridara du~

I’ve been putting this post off for so long. Dx It’s gonna be a long one xDDDD

“5 Facts Tag Game + Late Holiday Vlog”

FINALLY after two and a half years, I have finished a 5 Facts video! xD ;__; [It’s pretty sad if you think about it..] But yes. This + finishing TTL + the start of my next video which is done now but won’t be uploaded for a few days = what I spent my whole Christmas break doing. ^___^ Bahh! I was super awkward T.T I’m a really weird person LOL.

Ehehe I’ve been wanting to do that “Creepy Side of Christmas” bit at the end for FOREVER ’cause the song is so creepy. xD I did SOOO much filming for that and all the extra stuff but they were used for such short moments. xD Oh wellllll. As long as it hopefully makes the video less boring. :3


KYEEEEEEE! A few days ago, my daddy put in the preorder for the YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL DIRECTOR’S CUT DVD SET PACKAGE YAAAAAAAAY!!!<3333333 Oh I really can’t believe he’s letting me buy that. TT______TT It’s SOOO effin expensiiiveee! But I let myself want to buy it in the first place because lately I’ve been a HUGE cheapo and I’ve resisted temptations to use money numerous times [so hard ;__;] and I REALLY do want to support the drama and Jung Yong Hwa. D: I want them to know they’ve got a lot of international fans.. And I just have to give up shopping. xD Not that I did much before, but still I’m a girl and I really want clothes. :[



*_____* Our Jung Yong Hwa‘s<3 band, C.N.Blue [Code Name Blue] has now officially debuted, as of two days ago~! <33 Congrats to them :D We’ve been waiting so long~

“I’m a Loner” 4th teaser – Jung Yong Hwa
AHHHH I WAS SO ECSTATIC finding out that Yonghwa would be “E” !! xD Eva likes, Eva likes. Ehehehe. E is a very underrated letter if by itself. And it stands for “Emotional” too. :D

C.N.Blue – “I’m a Loner” MV

Burning: Jong Hyun – vocal, guitar
     [:O Handsome and AMAZING vocals! Strongest singer imo]
Lovely: Min Hyuk – drum
     [He’s reaaaaally cute :333]
Untouchable: Jeong Shin – bass, back-up vocals
     [More like underrated =_= He needs more attention]
Emotional: YONG HWAAA – vocal, rap, guitar, LEADER O__O
     [<33333333333 And he can compose and write lyrics too :D :D But
     dude I feel bad for Jonghyun who was supposed to be leader and is
     older than Yonghwa. D: But Yonghwa has more experience after
     You’re Beautiful..]

Suuuuch a good song! ^^ <3 But yeah. The middle part. Uhhhh. xD Sorry. I know it’s supposed to be intense but couldn’t help cracking up the first time I saw it. ;___; It’s kinda awkward.. xD

C.N.Blue’s DEBUT PERFORMANCE of “I’m a Loner”

THEY’RE SOOOO TALENNTEEEDDDDDDDDDD<33333333 I LOVE this band! Awesome awesome awesome amazing perfect debut! *o*

Aha but Yonghwa took all of the attention :[ I felt really bad for the other members. Jeong Shin got like even less screentime than the little screentime he got in the MV. =__= Although yeah.. Yonghwa is more experienced, way more comfortable performing, and knows how to work the camera/look cool/kill fangirls. -___- He was pretty much the visual. I kind of have mixed feelings about how he acted b/c I don’t like how flirty he was, but on the other hand, he was really charismatic and hot. =_=


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