Random Rambling

I dunno. Let’s just see where my thoughts take me.

First, happy belated 15th birthday to Arihara Kanna of C-ute!

And today’s Tsuji Nozomi‘s 21st birthday. Happy birthday Nono!

I hope she, Taiyou, and Noa are doing super well!


Right now I’m bored. x___X Like, super bored. But not as bored as yesterday. Yesterday I was so bored, godddd, it put me in such a bad mood.
I was gonna blog yesterday, but I was scared I’d start filling up the whole page with cuss words. Hahah. ‘Cause that’s what I felt like doing.
Now I’m just plain bored.

So far my summer’s just one mood swing after another. -___-; It’s really kinda sad. But then there are so many things that piss me off.

You know what I can’t stand? Conceited people. People who always talk about themselves, ALWAYS. I mean, it’s understandable that I talk about myself on my own blog, but I’m talking about on public websites.

Some people think they’re so perfect and everyone loves them.

Can I warn you about something? 50% of the praises I give people are sugarcoated.
I suppose that helps feed others’ egos, but some people are too full of themselves. Huh.

Again, I’m really bored. T.T I’m not pissed off yet, but it’s making me ehhhhhhh… Dude, I feel soo deSuJuMfied. >___< I need more Super Junior-M. It’s, like, nothing’s going on with them right now…

I mean, I know they’re doing charities[Godblessthem<3] but I haven’t seen any news or new pictures or videos of them in a long time. I feel very SuJu-M deprived. D:
[Ne, why hasn’t anyone subbed the Mango News show?]

I have almost nothing to do. Well, I SHOULD be recording lines ’cause I have a CRAPLOAD of them, but noooo~

You know how many setbacks I have right now about recording?

1. Lines. I HAVE TOO MANY.
2. DEADLINES! OH NO. >____< -stabs self- Pressurepressure.
3. My STUPID laptop hates my STUPID mic so I can’t RECORD anyway!
4. My throat/vocal cords hate me. They’ve never been like this before, but now they feel like they’re permanently clogged. I can’t sing. I really can’t. It’s so annoying.
Whenever I sing, my voice either scratches up or cracks. I can’t sing high notes anymore, I can’t hold out long notes anymore, and my sucky endurance just DIIIIIIIIIIED even more.
5. I have no recording time.

Summer should equal more recording time, right?

You know what’s really sad? My unemployed dad finally got a job and went to his first day of work at this place yesterday, the first day of summer.

And you know what? This morning, he called in and quit!

If my goddamn mic had been working yesterday, I could’ve recorded while he was at work! Now I’ll have absolutely no recording time at all ’cause he has no job AGAIN. RAWR. If he finds a job the day after I start school, Ima be SO MAD.

To Record;;
-All For One and One For All [TL Concert]
-21ji Made no Cinderella [TL Concert] DEADLINE: JULY 7
-Twilight Legend Radioshow DEADLINE: JUNE 24
-Special Generation [Lulu’s] – Natsuyaki Miyabi
-Cinderella Complex [Lulu’s] – Shimizu Saki

-Nature is Good [SnM TarotCafe] DEADLINE: JUNE 25
-Tori no Uta [Arinacchi’s]
-Honto no Jibun [w/Lulu & Nami] – Suzuki Airi
-Super Junior-M’s “U” [Lulu’s]
-GET UP! Rapper [Kiki’s] – Kago Ai
-Shabondama [Kojiru’s] – Kago Ai
-Dokusenyoku [7nin Tengoku]
-Watashi no Koibito na no ni [w/ Lulu] – Yajima Maimi Almost Complete
-Super Junior-M’s “U” [Mikki’s] – Ryeowook
-______ *Redo* [Check! 3]
-Renai Rider [7nin Tengoku Emerald AME] – Natsuyaki Miyabi

-Dancing Out [KM] – Ryeowook Complete Except Rap
-Taiyou no Uta [w/ Kiki]
-Bokura no Love Story [w/ Chii] – Koike Teppei Need Harmonies
-School Rumble Clip fandub [w/ Chii] – Tenma

Right now, that’s everything I can remember. And then there are the songs that I WANT to record for fun.
grateful I’m only in one group that’s having a summer concert


Does anybody know anything good to watch? Asian movies or dramas or anything? [Most anime don’t intrigue me much anymore.]

Yesterday I watched the movie “I Like It Hot” but only because SoHee from Wonder Girls is in it. I didn’t like it. >__O I really didn’t like it. I’m sorry.

I didn’t get the plot much. At the ending, nothing was resolved or concluded. Aaaand there wasn’t even a lot of SoHee x Kim Bum in it! T.T
This movie made me like Kim Bum. But then I saw he has the same birthdate as a certain person I know, and I no longer like him anymore. x___X Sorry I’m like that, but I really don’t like his birthdate. He was cute in the movie though.

I also watched “Legend of Hyang Dan” which is an old-style Korean movie which stars Shiwon of Super Junior. I only watched it for Shiwon. ^^; It’s a good movie[and funny at times], and I recommend it, but I won’t watch it a second time. Once is good enough.

I may start watching “A Battle of Wits”. But only because it’s in Cantonese[:D!], Shiwon is in it, and also Andy Lau.

My parents really like Andy Lau, and when I was little, I used to like him too, but only because me and him have the same Chinese “first” name. =3
See, his is Lau Tak-Wah and mine is Hon Yee-Wah. Lmao.
I know, that’s stupid, but nobody ever has the same Chinese “first” name as me. xDD [:D I like my Chinese name. It sounds like my English name!]

Also, I checked out a J-drama called “Sexy Voice and Robo” which I read was about this girl who could imitate voices and a guy who was obsessed with robots, and they team up as spies, etc. It interested me.
Then I watched the first episode and stopped watching because it scared the crap out of me. D: This is why Ebah no likey mysteries and stuff. I thought it would be okay this once.. >__< But there was murder in it. So it scared me.

Then I started watching another J-drama called “First Kiss” which I also read about. I like it a lot.

It is SO cute. =3 So far it has none of the components that I hate. Examples: love triangles, dense and stupid common-senseless girls, mystery

Yuki-sensei is adorable ^^ And he and Mio go SOOOOOOOOOO good together~ <3 Cutecute!

Mio is so cute. xD I really like her as the main character. She’s adorable, pretty, spunky, mischievous, clever, and is entertaining to watch.

Ack, this entry got too long. x___X Sorry!

But, hm. You know what I like? Blogs that update often. ‘Cause then, when I check everyday, there’s always something new to read! Maybe that’s why I blog so much.


5 Responses

  1. a really good movie is seducing mr. perfect. i watched it last night. daniel henney’s in it. he’s sooo cute. i really liked the music too. hotaru no hikari and ko one are two hilarious dramas.
    hope your voice gets better!!

  2. Aww, don’t be stressed, Ebah!!! Everything’s going to be alright!!! *pats head*

    Hmm… well, right now, I’m in the middle of watching “14sai no Haha,” a drama about a Japanese teen who gets pregnant. ^^;; It’s really sweet, though. It’s the kind of drama for me because aside from the pregnancy business, it talks about backstabbing friends, which I would know about.

    Umm… movies? I haven’t watched any good movies lately. Sorry… xD

    I really hope things go good for you! You seem like such a sweet person, and you totally deserve the break! Ganbare~!!!

    BTW, for 7nin Tengoku, if you want an extension, that’s TOTALLY fine with me. ^_^

  3. ebah ^^
    im goin to colorado
    u want ne thing?

  4. don’t be upset~~Ebah-chan~~ and wow~you have a long list of songs you are doing~ hope you don’t get stressed out…=( ganbatte~~~^^

    as for drama, almost everything I watch is anime so since you don’t want anime, let me think think~ the recent Jdrama I’m watching is “Last Friends”, it’s about domestic violence…=_=|| serious topic and involves what you don’t like (love triangle ^^;) but it’s pretty good~ a lot of cast from “Nodame Cantabile” is in there~

    when I read about you being upset~ I feel bad that I couldn’t do something to help you feel better~ I know that comments doesn’t help much~ but hope you had a good day today and feel happy tomorrow~~ ^^

  5. Etoooo~~~
    Well, if anime not catchin’ your eye, watch these movies:

    – Koinu Dan no Monogatari
    – Tokaekko
    – Sukeban Deka = Codename: Asamiya Saki

    You can also BUY the DVD Sukeban Deka if you search “YoYo Girl Cop”!! :3

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