[Lol Mariri, I’m starting to copy your blog entry titles..]

Nyah, I suddenly got a lot of comments yesterday? D: Ebah was surpriiised!
[Ehe, especially since 80% of my viewers are people who find my blog because of my “Super Junior“, “DBSK“, and “SHINee” tags.. I really dun like that. D: They come here looking for info or news and leave disappointed.

This isn’t the blog to come to for information. This is MY blog. Meaning I blog about whatever crud comes into my queer brain. =O And usually, I can go on and on, which I just did. ^^;]

Okay, so 4 comments isn’t a lot, but it’s a lot to me. <3

Sankyuu, but no need to worry about me. =3 I’m, unfortunately, a mood swing maniac.
Hell, today I was skipping up and down the Target aisles with a huge, stupid grin on my face. xD Being in a good mood feels so good.<3

Ne, Namimi, thanks, but I’m not a sweet person. xD I’m horrible.

Ah, it seems like Kojiruuuuu has found my blog. =O Hellohello!
-waves frantically- Have fun in Colorado! ^^ And don’t worry about getting me anything. You got me way too much from Taiwan last time.

Let’s send her off with this blooper, shall we? >D
It’s from the day I was recording lines at her house[’cause my mic ain’t working..] and yeah, Lulu and Nami, I was trying to record my Honto no Jibun lines for our dub, but in every single recording, my screwed up voice failed on me, so I couldn’t use any of it.

Honto no Jibun [Blooper]

:DD This is why you don’t record with someone else in the room.


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