Wonder Girls’ Generation

I hope nobody kills me for this; I really would not like to become a participant in this war.

Last night, out of curiosity, I checked out both Wonder Girls’ and Girls’ Generation/SNSD stuff and did research about them, and I think I’ve become a fan of both groups now. o__o

I mean, I really like Hello!Project‘ish stuff, and I’m starting to really get into Korean entertainment, so I guess it was bound to happen.

I’m new to them and these situations, but I’d just like to talk about them for a bit.

Let’s start with SNSD. Ahh, where to begin.. D:

I know lots of people hate them right now. I suppose they have some reason, but many take it too far. SOME SNSD members HAVE done some disrespectful and stupid things, but not all of them.. And sometimes, they do it without thinking or realizing it’s a bad thing.

The whole JunJin dance thing from Chunji.. I watched it and I didn’t think it was that bad. It seemed a little like they were making fun of them and saying the dance was stupid, but I think they were just trying to be funny. x___X I understand Shinhwa fans being offended, but some people really made a much bigger deal about it than they should.

Besides, they apologized and JunJin laughed it off. Let it go.
They didn’t do it repetively. It’s an imitation.

Tiffany, okay, said a bunch of rude things. She thinks she’s funny and sometimes she is, but I think she’s learned her lesson now. In fact, didn’t SNSD write an apology?

Even Super Junior members think the hate is going too far.

I really dislike many of SNSD‘s fans. >____> Lots of them are just stupid and irrational and and think violence or “overpowering” someone’ll resolve everything. That. only. makes. more. fighting.

Lots of stupid fans. -___-; Not all of them, but lots of them are. They seriously make a bad name for SNSD sometimes and just add oil to the fire.

Okay, enough of that. :D I’m starting to really like this group.

They’re all soooo pretty ^^ Every single one of them.

And all of them can actually SING! I like their voices! They’re really pleasant-sounding~ And their songs are super nice and make you wanna listen to them over and over. In fact, I’m listening right now as I’m typing.

Right now the two songs I like are “Kissing You” and “Girls’ Generation“. I think they’re two of the most popular songs from them?

Kissing You” was the first ever SNSD song I heard. I only watched it because I heard Donghae was featured in it. This was before I even heard of the group SNSD. ^^;

The first time I watched it, I thought it was okay. It didn’t stick out to me a lot because I’m already used to Hello! Project and Morning Musume and AKB48 and huge groups of girls. Then, I didn’t know any of their names and couldn’t tell the difference between them. >__O Donghae was cute in it, but I didn’t like him that much here ’cause he acted so girly and his hair was so girly. T.T I don’t like girly guys.

And then there’s the fact that they sang into lollipops. D: And they looked so cute doing it! Rawr. Me and my friends did that too and we had no idea that the idea was used already. T.T So I was hecka disappointed.

I still have trouble telling who’s who. =___= The only one I can tell for sure is Yoona. Her face is easy to recognize and I already memorized her name from the SuJu MVs.

I can also recognize Tiffany. She’s really cute/pretty.
Also, sometimes Sunny. :D She’s pretty and I only know what she looks like because of SuJu-H‘s “CooKing? Cooking!” MV. And sometimes Jessica? But only when she has her hair up.

My favorite is definitely SooYoung. :D She’s taller than me! <3 Andd she’s soooooo pretty~ And and, she has a really nice voice!
Her personality is awesome, too. I liked her on Chunji with Sungmin. Then the fact that she was the one dressed in all blue in this MV won me over.

Girls’ Generation” is their first song, right? I really like it!

The MV is awesome. I love their outfits. It doesn’t look too girly, but it still shows them off well; they all look good in them and totally pretty! And the fact that all their names are on their sweaters help a lot!

The song is nice too. They all can sing very well. D:

All of their voices actually sound very similar to me, but here is where SooYoung‘s voice stood out! She’s suuuch a good singer. x____X And she looked amazing here.


Now, as for Wonder Girls.. Gosh, who would’ve known I’d become interested in them? This is from a previous blog entry of mine:

I doubt I’ll ever go and get into Wonder Girls, so we’ll leave it at that.

I also like all of Wonder Girls‘ voices. =O They’re nice and pleasant-sounding, but like SNSD, all sound really similar? [Except Yoobin.]

Sadly, I still can’t really tell the difference between Sun Ye, Ye Eun, and SunMi. Well, in “So Hot“, I can recognize Sun Ye ’cause she has short hair. By the way, I didn’t like “So Hot“.

My favorite right now is SoHee! She’s really cute, plus she’s about a year older than me? xD I’ve always had a thing for people who’re close to my age.

I think the producers give SoHee too much attention sometimes, though. I mean, it’s no wonder she’s the most popular. =O

Also, I like SunMi but mostly because me and her have the same birthday! :DD So she’s exactly one year older than me. But other than that, she doesn’t interest me much..

My favorite song from them is “Tell Me“. xD I guess that was almost predictable and it’s almost everyone else’s favorite too, but it’s just more my style and taste than all of their other songs.

^^; The dance is really popular. I don’t have much interest in it, but since I want to learn to dance, I wanna learn this dance. :D

I like the song. =3 It’s cute and easygoing. The MV’s kinda cute too. SoHee in glasses? xD And as Wonder Woman? Hm..

[Credits: coolsmurf]

Wishing on a Star” is a nice song from them too. Their voices are so pretty here and it’s a beautiful song. Though, the suuuper long intro was kinda..x__X I mean, it’s nice and meaningful, but it’s really long. Also, SoHee didn’t get to sing.


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