About Me (Outdated)

So my name’s Eva; I hope you know that already. :D

I’m 18 at the moment and will be expecting lots of chocolate on May 2nd.

Super Junior and Super Junior-M are my drugs.♥

My favorite overall members of Hello! Project are Kago Ai and Natsuyaki Miyabi.

I LOVE to sing, but then again, who doesn’t? <3

I’m slowly living my life in California, USA, and I’m basically an uninteresting person. D:

Teh Facts:

  • Ebah likes to refers to herself in third person. ^^
  • The greatest pleasures in life are music and bubble wrap.
  • Favorite anime: Tsubasa Chronicle <333
  • Favorite drama: Kkotboda Namja aka Boys Over Flowers
  • Been playing piano since I was 6 and violin since I was 8.
  • Most of the things I own are blueeeee~ :D:D
  • I’m Chinese Cantonese.
  • I’m extremely height-conscious ;__; I’m tall compared to the people around me, but I’M NOT THAT TALL!
  • Can you say “split personality“?
  • Singer, AMV-maker, artist and animator
  • I wanna learn how to dance, rap, and voice act!
  • I have the heart mind of an immature kid. T.T


[Credits to simply emotion@thirdchapter]


14 Responses

  1. :D You’re cute. (STALKER STATUS ! <3)

  2. Hey Eva~ I know I’m like a totally random parasite here, but…


    Sorry, I just get crazii at times like this~ ._.

  3. wow, youre pretty tall for a 15 year old. im only 5’1! XD ahah, i live in CA too! LOL!

  4. Aibon is definitely one of my favorites too :)
    Double U was the greatest H!P group ever!
    hope to talk sometime? I’m new to this whole “blog” thing :P

  5. MEOW!

  6. MEOW =^-^=

  7. Greetings from Italy and from an italian guy who likes Tsubasa too! I LOVE Japan and China in all their forms!
    See ya! (^^ I have crazy mood swings like you too!… and not so few I dare to say!)

  8. Sorry, I forget… pretty name you got!

  9. i love to sing too!! i even sign up for chorus xd
    omggg tsubasa is my favorite manga tooo
    OMGG boys over flowers is my fave drama toooo
    AND OMG all my stuff are pretty much pink xd
    and im chinese taiwanese hahaha
    oh and im exactly on the opposite side of the country. from you. hahahaaa

  10. hey…. random comment =P just saw things we have in common and have to say hey!!!!!!! OCD about common interests O.o!!!

    ~SJ + SJM are the source of my existence
    ~Along with singing!!!! [out loud randomly in class, in public etc.]
    ~Played piano since I was 6 =0
    ~I would never admit this anywhere else but the internet but (Im really height conscious, everyones shorter then me and mor then half my friends are a head shorter T_T)
    ~I <3 tsubasa though I have to disagree with the fact that it isn't the best anime there is =)

    sorry for the extra looongness of this and……….

    OMG SJM's new album is coming out in 2-3 weeks!!!!!!!!! :squee:!!!


  11. Hi eva, nice to know you :)

  12. hi Eva
    i’m Mangafanatic X3
    i love Super Junior =3
    Tsubasa Chronicle is also my Fav Anime
    i’ve seen Boys over Flowers and found it great >_.<
    i'm also tall (1m80)
    do you want to exchange links with me?

  13. Hi, nice to meet you !

  14. omg i got interested in ur singing by michigopyon2 in her dance .
    she said something about u in her description so i checked u out.. and damn u sing pretty good!
    im one of ur followers now

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