This is something I decided on about a month ago.. xD and I haven’t gotten the chance to take action until now.

But I have a hard time updating this blog now and need a fresh start, so I will be moving blogs. :>

I HIGHLY doubt anyone checks here anymore since I’ve failed to update much at all in the past year–but if I do have any followers remaining, don’t feel compelled to follow me over there.
It’s going to mostly be irrelevant spam.

Thank you, Sing Your Dreams, for the 4 and a half years of memories. [:
This blog followed me all the way through my high school years and you can so easily trace how much I’ve grown and changed in this time period. Thanks for letting me rant here. Thanks for letting me have a place to force myself to post selcas so I could get used to it, gain confidence, and learn to not be so paranoid about what others think. Thanks for giving me a space on which I was able to communicate with friends.

I’ve mustered quite a bit of courage because of this blog, so thank you.

I’m making way too big a deal out of this but I’m sorry I attach sentimental value onto everything LOL. ;u;

Just FYI, my entertainment blog Candy for the Ears is still active. Hasn’t been updated lately because I’ve been too busy to make time for entertainment, but I still intend to blog there when I can.

See you around~ <3

-Eva (waterpixieva@yt)


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