Say “Meet-up at Madfish with Myst” 5 times fast

.. hi. o u o)/
I have not been here in a while.

Actually, I haven’t been anywhere in a while OTL ……
[Other than skype and twitter, which are the things keeping me sane~~]

Spent all of Saturday working on video for Gemini, finished up the video on Sunday and then spent 7 hours on a mix for a chorus, then yesterday after school I spent 9 more hours on that mix.

I’m actually still at work Q A Q Not that busy today so I have some free time to just.. sit here. Ironic though how the only time I have free time is when I’m on the job LOLOL. /lives a pathetic life
Mmmmm I still have 4 more hours until I go home and I’ll probably spend tonight mixing and studying for tomorrow’s test. /o/

Anyway, two Saturdays ago, I had lunch with Myst ( as we met for the first time~ And I vlogged from that day but IT’S SUCH A FAILURE OF A VLOG. ;A; The entire thing is just my face..and legs. -hides in shame- I swear I only do that for Chii because she’s so fun to tease. ;A;

Also, I’m awkward.
And this is awkward. ._. And I’m embarrassed.

-leaves vlog here and rolls away- ///

Oh oh, on a last note though!
This Sunday, members of #teamnorcal are meeting up at the Cherry Blossom Festival at Japantown San Francisco *u*
There will be me, Chiisana/ChiisanaChanx3, Myst/mystraven, Karu/karufuruu, and Carmen/iAnimePHr34k. I’m hoping all of us can take purikura together >w< I’m likely to vlog that day as well~


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