A while before, I made a post talking about how disconnected I’ve been from entertainment in general, and I touched upon my lack of interest in EXO’s debut, and I said,
“This is the first time that I haven’t taken much interest in a new SM group though and I’m absolutely shocked at myself haha. Perhaps one day EXO will grow on me and I shall come to love them~ SM-related things always grow on me anyway. =w=”


So I like EXO now.
Not nearly as big of a fan as .. most of their other fans…… and not even as big of a fan as Chiisana, but.
I like EXO now.

For some reason, what really got me into EXO was MAMA. *____*
(My post about that song on Candy for the Ears)

I had that song nonstop on loop for like 2-3 days LOL. Not really atm because I’ve been spending my time mixing. BUT MAN. THE SONG IS SO BADASS. <333 [It’s funny how sometimes I’ll loop AKB48 and at other times, I’m really into songs like MAMA and B.A.P’s Warrior. <3]
I CANNOTTT WAITTTTT for Gemini to do MAMA. *u* Ehehe~ It probably won’t be for a while though ’cause we’ve got a bunch of other things planned. We’ve already done a script though and MAN I CANNOT WAITTTTT.

 I’m so ecstatic for the return of Badass!Gemini >A< ! At the moment though, we’ve been doing a lot of cute things…and actually, we still have two more cute things in progress right now :T but after that, youtube better watch out.

Anyway, back to EXO.
EXO-M: Lay, Kris, Luhan, Chen, Xiumin, ………….
EXO-K: Kai, Sehun, D.O., Baekhyun, Suho, Chanyeol

Oh man I forgot one. :c W-who.. Oh oops LOL Tao, I’m so sorry. Q A Q

Uh…I can..sort of tell M apart. I’m still pretty clueless on K’s faces though. Not even gonna bother trying to tell their voices apart .__. although I know Baekhyun tends to growl and Kris is the fiercer rapper.

I can’t tell who I’m biased towards yet ._____. since nobody stands out to me that much. I feel like I might see Kris a bit over the other members though. I like his rapping, he’s handsome, he’s from North America, and he’s friends with Henry [still my ultimate bias //v//].

[3:48:23 PM] Eva: guess what i’m doing right now instead of work
[3:48:31 PM] Eva: watching EXO-M’s MV
[3:48:55 PM] Chiisana: LOLL
[3:51:10 PM] Eva: i wonder who decided.. to make Xiumin’s sharpie just all messy smudges all over his face
[3:51:29 PM] Eva: maybe he fell asleep and the other members pulled a prank on him
[3:51:32 PM] Eva: and they were like
[3:51:35 PM] Eva: oh let’s use that


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