.. I-I’m finally out of that hellhole /o/
Man this week was really rough on me LOL. I barely had any time to breathe. D’x Just stress stress stress stress whether I was at school, work, or at home. But mostly at home. :c

I don’t know why I’m still here and functioning without taking any naps today, even though I pulled an all-nighter last night to finish up my research paper LOL. And I had an in-class essay too, running on just a handful of 10-minute naps last night OTL………

Gonna sleep soon >w< but wanted to blog here first since I haven’t really been active on any of my blogs for the past week.

Oh oh~ On Saturday, I hung out with Myst [a new friend who’s in the vocaloid youtaite community although she doesn’t sing but only animates] and we had sushi! It was our first time meeting~ It was pretty fun. We just ate and talked and talked and gossiped. |’DD;; The food was reaaallyyy good tooo. But then we didn’t really hang around after because we both had to go home to our very demanding homework. OTL

I did .. kind of sort of’ish vlog but it’s really short and somewhat awkward. ;x; We only took one video together so most of the footage is just me talking to myself in my car OTL ||ll”…..

/o/ Got froyo after school today. Eating the exhaustion and depression away~~ /o/ It was kind of a reward to myself too I guess for all that stress I’ve been going through.

Hm ;n; now that I have a temporary’ish break from school [err.. I still have a test next week but I’m not worried about that. And I have another research paper due in 2 weeks… but just for now, idc about school (_ _);;] I really gotta get to work on all the uh.. singing-related stuff. >_< So I just put together a list for myself of all the lines I need to record, all the things I need to mix, and all the videos I have to make, along with the deadlines for each. Oh god save me please.


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