what really happens in Gemini chat

[12:21:38 AM] Chiisana: I miss Ebah
[12:22:01 AM] Eva: huh
[12:22:07 AM] Jay: ebaahh
[12:22:21 AM] Chiisana: I feel like I haven’t spoken to her in 10
[12:22:24 AM] Chiisana: thousand years
[12:22:30 AM] Chiisana: I hope she’s okay ; ~ ;
[12:22:38 AM] Jay: i will pray for her
[12:23:17 AM] Chiisana: Do you think she’s out there thinking about us, as we are thinking about her?
[12:23:33 AM] Jay: i think so!
[12:23:39 AM] Eva: -eats popsicle-
[12:24:12 AM] Ryaaaan: lool
[12:24:25 AM] Chiisana: Ah, of course she is.. she always had a beautiful heart ; ~ ;
[12:25:36 AM] Eva: i wonder what i’m having for lunch tomorrow.
[12:26:23 AM] Chiisana: I wonder if she’s lost and cold.. I wonder if she’s waiting for us, just waiting for us to.. come and find her ourselves.
[12:26:46 AM] Chiisana: Are we letting her down as friends? as her companions?
[12:26:51 AM] Chiisana: as her loved ones?
[12:26:58 AM] Jay: ; ~ ;
[12:26:59 AM] Jay: -tear-
[12:27:42 AM] Eva: i feel obliged to come in with a sarcastic, witty punchline but i can’t be bothered.


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