Cotton Candy

Chiisana and I hung out last Sunday~
Unfortunately we found out that our sushi restaurant closed down. :c But they didn’t have much business, although that was partly why I liked it so much >A< -socially inept-
.. A-and then we found out that our usual ice cream place is being renovated. Sob. Our wonderful luck.

But in the end, we had sushi and ice cream at other places, although the ice cream wasn’t nearly as good as the ice cream at our usual shop haha. ^^

And then we went to the mall and ate cotton candy while shopping LOL. /forever pigging out buddies

o u o I’m actually quite happy with my failure in taking that picture. It worked out for the best~

One Response

  1. omg Eva you look so cute it’s killing me~ ::D:D

    ..ah, I lust for cotton candy nao ♥

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