I know it’s not pretty but that’s not the point HAHA

CAPPUCCINO AND COOKIES&CREAM FROYO <333333 with M&M’s and sprinkles and peach and green apple rings >A< ♥

Yeaaaaaah that one time I went out to lunch with my high school friends, we had froyo at the new Tutti Frutti that opened SOMEWHAT’ISH NEAR MY HOUSE. *A* Well it’s actually not that close to my house. But heck, it’s a lot closer compared to everywhere else! ^^ <3

I actually went there after school yesterday by myself since I was too worn out to be able to record when I got home. :’D It was actually my first time doing something like that haha even though I have a car. I never go out ;w;.. But yeah, I really like this place though ’cause the froyo is delicious and…when I got there, I was literally the only customer HAHAHA. -shot forever for being socially inept-

But other than that, right now life is:
-drifting off in most of my classes
-drifting off at work [ONLY FOR A MOMENT ;A; I still worked hard..]
-two research papers
-lot of readings and upcoming essay
-lines I have to record
-video to finish making which is overdue but it’s so frustrating amgaahh
-two big chorus projects to mix soon [luckily not in mixing stages yet]
-What is sleep?


One Response

  1. Ahhhhhh! That looks delicious! *_*
    And Ebah! It does seem like a lot, but you definitely have the amazing ability to finish ’em all! :D There’s no one like my Ebah-hime, haha! You can do itttt! <3

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