PareFura – Sainou Sampler


I wanted to make a really long and loving post with all caps that was like OMG I LOVE PAREFURA SO MUCH THEY (insert good things) and (insert really good things) and I just have (insert a very large amount) of love for them because they are just (insert positive qualities) and and and I am officially their biggest fan. OFFICIALLY. MOST OF THE MEMBERS GAVE ME PERMISSION TO BE :D <3

…… Q A Q I’m so tired though and I don’t feel creative enough to think of things to insert and say LOL but I want to blog about Parefura now because VocaFusion Round 3’s VOTING IS NOW OPEN! ^^ It closes at April 1, 2012; 11:59pm (GMT +8).

But uh, this is like the most wonderful and pleasant..thing that I’ve ever seen that is related to scalpels and .. cutting people .. to take their .. talent which is in the form of organs, I think………
BUT YEAH. THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. But I feel like beautiful is the wrong word. I don’t know how to describe this hahaha. xD;; The girls have such pretty voices and the boys sound so handsome. *w* I’m proud of all of them! They keep improving~ And the mixing by Holi! And the animaaaaationnnn by Chiisana and Chiika! THE ART. THAT ART. THE ART. THE COLORING. THE DESIGNS. MARI’S DESIGN I REALLY WANT TO BE MARI <333

Um. How do I end this entry.. ;A;

And I love how the scalpel at the end is just like -sticks out tongue- BEHEHE SUCKER.


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