Even though I can’t even properly mix, animate, sing, or rap well yet.. now that I have a working tablet, I kind of wish to learn how to draw.

I don’t have the artistic fundamentals though nor the creative visions ;w; Also I suck with tablets since I need that friction you get with pencils ahaha. I’m actually really bad at writing with pen. -mulled over-
And there’s also the fact that I can’t color..

I used to reaaaaaaaaaaally like drawing though even though I wasn’t that good at it ; u ; I drew a lot when I was younger and I always drew, like.. pixies and princesses and stuff HAHA. <3

I don’t even remember how old I was when this was drawn but this was basically Water Pixie ; u ;

And then and then! In middle school, my friends and I wanted to try making an anime [drawn in Microsoft Paint hehe] called Candy Basket which was based off of Fruits Basket except we all had characters and were gonna voice act as them~ I was the main character Evi who was equivalent to Kyo-kun. :’3 I related to her a lot because she was bullied and misjudged.

Random but this picture is because when my youtube account [I forget if it was waterpixie or waterpixieva…] reached 400 subscribers, I was gonna do a video where it was like.. me interacting with an animated Evi LOLOLOL yeah that never pulled through but I tried!

Speaking of Candy Basket, I actually wrote that as my “novel” in 8th grade although it’s kind of an abridged version with no details and it doesn’t dig into all the characters’ ~*~extensive deep, complex, and thought out background stories~*~ haha. I started rewriting that sometime in high school and I’d love to finish rewriting it someday. It’s not a bad story :’D I think I give up on animating it though, even though the anime’s opening was fully animated (we wrote lyrics for it and I sang an Evi solo version!) and we had some parts of the first episode. ;w; Candyba even had a website and my friends drew fanart. It was gonna be awesome HAHA. Definitely one of my favorite things to remember about middle school. ^^

…this post ended up a lot longer than I was hoping.
-hops out of Memory Lane-


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