[3:59:48 PM] Eva: .. one day i will learn how to use my hair curler
[3:59:51 PM] Eva: give me 30 years
[4:00:06 PM] Chiisana: LOL
[4:00:15 PM] Chiisana: we should just have a girly makeover day one day
[4:00:21 PM] Chiisana: but I already feel like if we did that
[4:00:22 PM] Chiisana: we’d be like
[4:00:23 PM] Chiisana:
[4:00:25 PM] Chiisana: this is embarrassing
[4:00:34 PM] Chiisana: -throws on PJ’s and grabs seaweed to watch Running Man-
[4:00:52 PM] Eva: hahahahahahaha story of our lives
[4:01:01 PM] Eva: we’re doomed to forever be unrefined and ungirly and forever aloneeee
[4:01:20 PM] Chiisana: ikr aksjllad

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