I still have to blog about Parefura’s awesome VocaFusion round 3 entry but I’ll wait til tomorrow when I’m feeling a bit more genki =w= Since I love them so much and I want to be able to express it at my best..


Chiisana and I were talking about a project we’re working on together and how we’re gonna be a singing duo/animating duo/mixing duo ANDDDD we’re gonna try for our own art too. :’D Well, art-wise we’re no longer a duo because she can draw and I’m only mediocre LOL. The only thing is that she has no tablet.

BUT!!! I uh.. tested out my tablet which I haven’t touched in about 3 years and surprisingly it still works *A* I had no idea!! I thought it would be broken or that I would’ve lost the pen. I’m gonna let her borrow it when we hang out this Sunday~ Anyway, Chii asked me to draw her something so I crappily drew a self-portrait hurhurhur =v=

This doodle is called
“Ebah’s response to Chiisana in general”

[2:22:02 AM] Chiisana: SO CUUTEEE
[2:22:05 AM] Chiisana: QvQ
[2:22:11 AM] Eva:
[2:22:13 AM] Eva: ok…………..

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