【Gemini ft Erin & Fyre】 PONPONPON (acoustic ver.)

Thank you so much to our amazing friends Erin and Rob/Fyre for featuring as our very special guests in this song~ Their beautiful voices were a perfect addition. ^^ If you haven’t already, do consider checking out their channels–we promise talent.
Also, we’d like to apologize to our special guests for the 3-month-long wait.. Now they know how slow Gemini is. [Heck, we still aren’t even done with Secret Santa yet…]

Please enjoy our rendition of this very relaxing arrangement of PONPONPON, originally by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. :’D
And if you get tired of soft!Gemini, don’t fret because badass!Gemini is coming back to town soon…in May.

Coincidentally, “acoustic” is the theme for VocaFusion’s chorus battle round 3! Our own Chiisana and Ryan are participating in the group PareFura, and although Vivid Chemistry–of which Rob is a member–is no longer in the competition, please support them all!!

MP3: http://www.box.com/s/f4dda28203c64c2f0cbc

Erin – http://www.youtube.com/RamenBlossom
Rob/Fyre – http://www.youtube.com/llfyrell

Eva – http://www.youtube.com/waterpixieva
Jeffrey – http://www.youtube.com/unaffection
Mimi – http://www.youtube.com/x3LoveyDovey
Ryan – http://www.youtube.com/RyanEatPho
Chiisana – http://www.youtube.com/ChiisanaChanx3
Jay – http://www.youtube.com/JaySingYou

Mixing: Eva, Ryan
Graphic Editing: Chiisana, Eva
Video: Eva
Signature: Mimi

[ have we redeemed ourselves from troll status yet? ]

… ;_____; So many regrets about both the video and the mixing….. >< I’m sorry. I literally learned how to EQ for the very first time for this, and it sucks ’cause it’s ACOUSTIC and EQ is sooo crucial and my mistakes are just SO OBVIOUS ahhhh. Even though I bugged List, Ian, and Kousei for EQ advice, it still ended up cruddy and I hate EQing. Regret regret. I wish I were better at both mixing and animating. ]’: For all the flaws in either aspects, I’ll accept responsibility. ;w;

I kind of wish I kept a running timer on how many hours I spent on this! Q A Q It’s probably.. over 50 hours LOL. But yeah. I spent almost every breathing moment when I wasn’t at school, at work, or studying.. working on the video or mix. I actually gave up some sleep for this too a-and there was even once when I cried out of frustration ;w; Soooooooo I would really, really, really appreciate it if you could give this a watch! ^^ Even though PONPONPON is an overdone song, give us a chance? ; u ;

Everyone sounds beautiful though. :’D One of the things I love about Gemini is that we all have vibrato! Well, Jay’s are “wafers.” =w= And then Erin and Robert have super nice vibratos as well~ >A< <3 And I looove the versatility of Gemini! We’re trying to explore different genres. :D From PONPONPON acoustic to DBSK’S Rising Sun.. Hehe. I think all of us can have power and be soft or be cute, and we can all somewhat’ish….SOMEWHAT all rap to SOME extent, kinda.

On another note, I’m really happy that a lot of people said that this was relaxing/soothing/calming and that they could fall asleep to this. ; u ; <3 yeeey

Also, I hope you enjoy all of the cavity-inducing cute objects that I cropped out HAHAHA. I’ll probably reuse them for future cutesy animations since I cropped out so many of them.


One Response

  1. oh God this chorus is just adorable~ ♥ my heart melt ;___; but Eva, stop beating yourself up so hard, everything was perfect~~

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