Mozaik Role

【りst】 英語で「モザイクロール」を歌ってみた

; u ; Pimping List’s new short cover of Mozaik Role. His voice is so powerful and full of energy, and his mixing is really crisp and professional-sounding~ He’s improved a LOT! I’m proud~

Haha trying to spread word about this as much as I can because he seemed rather dejected and discouraged from the dislikes on the video—which I think are misrepresentation of the general response to this impressive cover—and imo this deserves as much love as it can potentially get. ^^

.. /back to the world of doing nothing but mixing

Only for Gemini would I mix until almost 5 AM and then wake up at 10:30 AM to continue working on the mix before I had to go out for lunch.


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