Seeing my high school friends today–although I love them–made me realize just how different I am from them. I can’t relate to them; they can’t relate to me. They don’t really know what kind of person I am and what kinds of things I like to do. They have no idea how much effort and time I put into things like recording, mixing, and video-editing, and don’t really care.

This was my first time hanging out with someone irl other than Chiisana [-clings to her-] for a really long time, though. ;w;

-pathetic and forever alone-

Back in high school, my friend and I joked about how when college starts, I’m going to be a home shut-in… We were so accurate. =w=


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  1. It’s okay, Eva! I’m pretty sure you’re not as alone as you think – you have people who love you, I’m sure~ I feel the same way sometimes, too…with high school, you just learn to adapt to all of these changes. Don’t feel too bad~ you have a huge online support group behind you!

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