[4:57:51 PM] Eva: i haven’t heard Sherlock yet xD
[4:57:57 PM] Eva: and i’m actually.. ;w; not that curious

[5:04:01 PM] Chiisana: wait how were you able to make that “I’m not that curious” joke even though you haven’t heard it or the teaser
[5:04:01 PM] Chiisana: LOL
[5:04:17 PM] Eva: o.o
[5:04:19 PM] Eva: what do you mean?
[5:04:23 PM] Eva: wait
[5:04:27 PM] Eva: don’t tell me that’s part of the song LOL
[5:04:30 PM] Chiisana: ………
[5:04:32 PM] Chiisana: the chorus is
[5:04:36 PM] Chiisana: “I’M SO CURIOUS~ YEAHH!”
[5:04:37 PM] Chiisana: …..
[5:04:40 PM] Eva: LMAO LMAO LMAO
[5:04:48 PM] Chiisana: I thought you were making a reference.
[5:04:50 PM] Chiisana: LOLLLLLLLLL

But yeah, it’s sad but I’ve had absolutely no connection to the entertainment world recently LOL -goes back to EQing-

I’M SO SORRY, SHINee and EXO AND ALL OTHER COMEBACK/DEBUT GROUPS Q A Q I’ll catch up with you guys laterrrr


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