Kinda worn out. ;w; School from 10 AM til 2 PM, then work til 8 PM, come home to loads of online responsibilities…… No time to breathe. This really cannot be healthy at all. People always tell me to not overwork myself and I say I won’t, but then I’m back in this shaking state again.

But since I made a selfish request, I’m throwing myself under the bus.
Hwaiting D8<

Mm.. x_X I’m trying to teach myself how to EQ right now and I’m failing so terribly. I have so much respect now for those that can EQ well. They’re amazing! But there’s pressure on me.. to do a good job on this..


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  1. ;;__;; don’t push yourself too hard, Eva~ ALWAYS remember to relax and take it easy~ cough maybe with some ice cream etc ♥

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