Why I’m blogging from work I really don’t know, but hi. ^^

Feeling pretty accomplished atm /o/

Finished the animation for HOPEFULLYHOPEFULLYHOPEFULLYHOPEFULLY soon upcoming Gemini upload. :T [I could go on forever about <– but.. =v= -shushes-] Although I did a demo render and found about a billion mistakes which I’m fixing.. x_X

-cocky cocky gloating gloating-

:’D I was the only A for my Stress Management midterm~ There was only one B+! And the rest of the class had B’s or below. o A o……..

Also, I was the only person that got 100% on the multiple choice on my midterm for Imagination and Play 8D

Also, I did well on my presentation yesterday [which I was up until 4 AM researching and rehearsing for] and my teacher said she was impressed we didn’t use notecards, stated everything fluently out of memory, and made good eye contact with the audience. /o/

Anddd there was a third midterm on which I was the 2nd highest scorer, with 99%….. =v= close enough~

Andddd my music tech teacher showed one of my mixes to the class apparently as a “good example.” /o/

Ahhhhhhhhh this delightfully delicious satisfaction of feeling rewarded for your all-nighters and perseverence. And now that I’ve gotten over this hump in schoolwork and have some downtime until finals roll around, maybe I can start getting more than 1-4 hours of sleep per night OwOb

I’m trying to sleep earlier but UH. HERE’S SOMETHING RANDOM AND SHORT I DERPILY SANG LAST NIGHT AT 1 AM when I was trying to tell myself to sleep earlier because I need to follow List’s example, but then Ian from the lovely Parefura sent me a one-shot of this song so I suddenly felt like singing along even though my throat hurt like crazy. Ehe…

Sobbb, I was hoping I could try to sound mature’ish and stylized but I ended up sounding really childish and Ian was just like, “YOU SOUND SO CUTE IDE -squeeze-” …….. OTL||ll”


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