I’m so behind on the world of K-pop, I don’t even…….

When all of my time started getting absorbed by school, work, midterms, papers, animating, mixing, recording, and chatting/calling/webcamming with friends, I basically had to stop going on allkpop, omonatheydidn’t [as well as aramatheydidn’t although that’s j-pop], tumblr, etc.. ;w; I didn’t watch Running Man, Dream High 2, or any other varieties or dramas either.

I did go on allkpop for a while yesterday though and I was just like WHUHHH WHAT IS ALL THIS Q A Q I’M SO LOST so I only backtracked like 4 pages, lost interest, and gave up. (_ _);;
[I was on just in time to see Jiyeon’s solo song for DH2 though <333 asdlkfj I love Jiyeon’s solos so much. I kind of might want to cover it. :’3 I mean, I’ve already covered Jeom Jeom/Little by Little from Jungle Fish 2’s OST.]

Also, what’s with all these comebacks and debuts in March?!

And all of EXO look like vampires to me tbh (_ _);; LOL. They’re all so pale, have sharp and charismatic eyes, and have small yet well-built faces… I can’t really tell them apart although I know Kai’s face due to certain marketing tactics…

Usually, I’m the one that knows about everything and fangirls and rambles over everything, but nowadays Chiisana is just like, “BAEKHYUUUUUUUUUUUUN <3” and I’m like..who. ;A;….

This is the first time that I haven’t taken much interest in a new SM group though and I’m absolutely shocked at myself haha. Perhaps one day EXO will grow on me and I shall come to love them~ SM-related things always grow on me anyway. =w= I don’t really remember what History sounds like though. I just know that there’s a line declaring that.. a member’s pain is creeping…….. idek.

I was invited to be Lay in an EXO-M group though :’D! Although I’m pretty busy, I think I might say yes because I do see potential in this~ Also, I haven’t been very active in the k-pop community. Maybe this’ll help me actually learn something about EXO hahaha. I don’t think there’s an instrumental for History though? Molla~ Wakannai~ Wo bu zhi dao~ IDANAAAA

By the way, Dream High 2 is really…the most frustrating thing ever. ._. I don’t know why I’m still watching it but I still am and I will stick with it, even though it’s so poorly thought-out and written… Even the editing is poorly executed and the characters have no dimension and don’t develop, AND JUST THE STUPIDEST, MOST ILLOGICAL THINGS HAPPEN IN THAT DRAMA, I CAN’T EVEN. They also did a wonderful job in ensuring that viewers have 0 sympathy nor respect for the main character.

.. I think I kind of try not to ramble too much about media on this blog because I keep getting so many views over people searching for K-pop, Super Junior, Henry Lau, Hello! Project, Johnny’s, Tsubasa Chronicle, etc [EVEN STILL I keep getting views for those old posts] and I just feel so bad for them because nothing here is relevant. x_X I actually started refraining from tagging group names and stuff. And I have a feeling this entry will see a lot of hits as well because of my mentioning of EXO and DH2. ;A; I’M SO SORRY. Please move along~ Nothing to see here~~


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