Piano Remix

So, uh. xD Last Thursday I blogged about having a really terrible day which included waking up 2 hours late and missing most of my Thursday class and getting a parking ticket..

So yesterday was Thursday. /o/ Proud of myself ’cause I got up on time and got to school early HEHE.

As usual, I had to stay behind in class by myself to finish the assignment since it’s Music Technology and we can’t do any work outside of the Music Tech classroom. x_X Unlike every other person in my class, I have no choice but to do that since all of the open lab hours are when I have class or work. So I didn’t get to eat lunch until 4 PM because that’s when I got to work…….

;w; H-heh.. a coworker asked me if I was eating dinner, and I was like, “Nope.. lunch….”

ANYWAY, this week, we learned how to use Logic! :DDD I think.. I kind of fell in love with Logic LOL. Although I don’t have a mac ;___; and there are some really inconvenient and dumb things about Logic. >_> But it’s sooo cooool.

For the last activity of the assignment, we were asked to make a composition that was at least a minute long. SOOOOO I put together pre-made loops and played with effects to make this!! ^^


I wish I had all the time in the world to work on this, but I was actually rushing because I needed to leave and go to work.. :/ There are a lot of iffy things, especially with the violin part and my claps at the end. D’x I wish I had the time to experiment with and explore Logic’s effects. My clapping especially could use so much work with compression, EQ, and reverb, and possibly chorus…

Actually ;w; I probably could have been out of there an hour earlier >< but I’m somewhat of a perfectionist LOL although this is nowhere near perfect. I spent a lot of time on this though. So I ended up eating lunch at 4. Q A Q .. A-and there’s no eating or drinking allowed in the Music Tech lab.. -suffered hunger pains- Also, I’m bent on receiving perfect scores for all my assignments from now on since my teacher didn’t accept the assignment last week when I missed most of class.

Anyway, you can tell that I really love piano haha. ^^ I also really love the mixture of the delicate piano with the hip-hop remix beat. 8D I’m a sucker for that kind of thing. I loooove those Japanese ballads + raps with piano as a prominent instrument. *A* Rap and piano together is my weakness <3

Although this is made with pre-made loops.. ;w; I think this might be the closest thing I can get to composing? I’ve always wanted to try composing but I honestly don’t have the musical talent to. xD;; I’m actually naturally lacking in musical talent [I’m the type that’s naturally not good at anything but I work hard at everything] so I kind of struggled my way up with singing, mixing, violin, and piano, so I’m a little proud of myself for this “composition.” :’D

[3/15/2012 11:12:11 PM] Chiisana: whenever it goes into the remix it always makes me start bobbing up and down
[3/15/2012 11:12:25 PM] Chiisana: \(=v=)/
[3/15/2012 11:12:51 PM] Eva: LOL
[3/15/2012 11:13:01 PM] Chiisana: -raises the roof-
[3/15/2012 11:13:31 PM] Eva: LMAO




APPARENTLY WHEN I WASN’T IN CLASS YET LAST WEEK… MY TEACHER SHOWED THE CLASS A PREVIOUS MIX OF MINE. DDDDDDDDDDD8 For a previous assignment. OMG. Apparently it was the only demo he showed the class.. and apparently I guess it was a “good example” BUT OMG. ;_______;

I’m extremely shocked and extremely flattered and extremely happy and extremely scared that everybody thought it sucked HAHA. I really can’t believe it though!

This makes me especially happy because out of the entire class, I’m among the TWO students who neither has music as a major nor minor. x_X On the first day of class, I stayed behind to talk to my teacher since I was concerned about being behind on musical ability… Everybody else had a good musical background, plus many of them were familiar with composing and arranging already. My teacher gave me some reassurance though that it would be okay if I tried my best at everything.

And I really tried my best.
And my piece was shown as an example to the class. ; u ; <3
[Also I’m a little glad that I woke up late or else I would have been present for this and I WOULD HAVE DIED IN EMBARRASSMENT.]


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