Gemini is so so so precious HAHAHA
We’re talking about the G5 [minus Jeffrey who’s in Australia, BUT I’m going to Australia in June, so I’ll be able to meet him!! :’D!] trip we’re planning to have in August where the rest of the members are coming to me and Chiisana here in Cali~

[10:45:00 PM] jay: im scared to go now
[10:45:04 PM] Eva: we’ll protect you, Jay!!
[10:45:16 PM] Chiisana: I am a very good body guard Jay
[10:45:25 PM] jay: but im taller than you ; ~ ;
[10:45:32 PM] Eva: i’ll sit on Chii’s shoulders
[10:45:35 PM] Ryaaaan: LMAO
[10:45:38 PM] jay: lol!
[10:45:42 PM] jay: but ur taller than Chii too!
[10:45:47 PM] Eva: owo but together, we’re taller than you
[10:45:47 PM] Chiisana: I’d probably fall down
[10:45:53 PM] Chiisana: and we’d both hurt ourselves
[10:45:54 PM] Chiisana: LOL
[10:45:55 PM] jay: LOL
[10:46:01 PM] jay: and then id be vulnerable
[10:46:02 PM] jay: x-x
[10:46:20 PM] Eva: THEN RYAN JUMPS IN #becausehe’sworthit
[10:46:20 PM] Chiisana: There comes a time
[10:46:25 PM] Chiisana: when man must learn to fend for himself
[10:46:26 PM] Chiisana: That man
[10:46:27 PM] Chiisana: is you
[10:46:28 PM] Chiisana: Jay
[10:46:38 PM] jay: … but ):
[10:46:40 PM] jay: im not a man ; ~ ;
[10:46:57 PM] ⊱⊱ Mimi : ” 니가 제일 좋아 ❤ “: LOL
[10:46:57 PM] Chiisana:
[10:47:03 PM] Chiisana: Jay is there something you’re not telling us
[10:47:05 PM] Chiisana: :(


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