I don’t care what anybody else says. ;w; I’m PareFura’s biggest fan.
Officially. Nobody can fight me for this title.

Anyway, this is about as far as I got with this song.. x_X My throat really hurts a lot today and the chorus is too high for me ’cause my range is sad. ._.

I just felt like singing this out of celebration of my midterms finally being over. /o/ I haven’t done much singing lately nor do I have the motivation or time for it..

I think this song very well expresses my desire to get more than 1-3 hours of sleep per night. =v= Hopefully now that midterms are over, I can start being less sleep deprived.

Oh but while I’m at it, I’m going to post PareFura’s original “Sleep・Sky・Walk” (VocaFusion Chorus Battle round 2) again because I love it. <3


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