The Troll and the Saint

After finishing a bowl of Thin Mints ice cream, I walked back out to the kitchen to get a popsicle LOL. That’s the kind of person I am. orz -forever eating-

[11:06:15 PM] Eva: SO HAPPEH
[11:06:17 PM] Chiisana: …. I-I wish I could say the same Q_Q
[11:08:24 PM] Eva: it’s Thin Mints ice cream :’D
[11:08:35 PM] Chiisana: that sounds beautiful QAQ
[11:09:35 PM] Eva: today i also bought popsicles, cookies and cream Kisses, cinnamon toast crunch, salt and vinegar kettle cooked potato chips, and disney princess fruit snacks AHAHAHAHAA
[11:09:42 PM] Chiisana: ……..
[11:10:23 PM] Chiisana: a while ago I asked my parents to buy a box of nature valley oats and honey granola bars as a snack for me QwQ


So I uh ;w; spent my entire day yesterday cropping pictures for a chorus, recording lines, mixing lines, subtitling a video for a friend, animating a video for Gemini…….. So much. (_ _);;

And now I have to spend my entire day today on these essays and studying for my midterm tomorrow. (_ _);; Midterm week, adslksjdlk.
-waves hanky- good bye………. good bye……………


On a final note,

[12:40:07 PM] jay: hi jeffrey <3
[12:40:14 PM] jay: missed you ; ~ ;
[12:40:28 PM] sean the molesting sheep: nihao baby
[12:40:30 PM] sean the molesting sheep: i missed u 2
[12:40:43 PM] jay: xD
[12:40:51 PM] sean the molesting sheep: u r the jayDE
[12:40:53 PM] sean the molesting sheep: of my life
[12:40:56 PM] sean the molesting sheep: HAHAHHA

Omg Jay’s and Jeffrey’s interactions are the best LOL. <3 They’re like Tom and Jerry. =v= The Troll and the Saint, forever archenemies~~~~ And that pun, oh my gosh. -collapses- I love these guys. Actually I just love Gemini in general—have I ever mentioned that?


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