:’D When I have a lot of schoolwork, I either disappear and don’t blog for days OR I SPAM THIS BLOG LIKE CRAZY BECAUSE OF PROCRASTINATION. >A< /throws glitter all over blog

-listening to Warrior-

[7:54:40 PM] jay: this rapper sounds like chisato in a few years
[7:54:52 PM] jay: so smokkerr

[7:56:58 PM] Eva: LOOOOL Chisato –> Bang Yong Guk?
[7:57:39 PM] jay: yes eva xD the person ur rapping as in the song
[7:57:58 PM] Eva: don’t i sound just like him? 8DDDDD
[7:58:11 PM] jay: omggg
[7:58:13 PM] Eva: people always hear my voice and go, “Oh.. wait are you SURE you’re not Bang Yong Guk?”
[7:58:33 PM] jay: wow i didnt know u could sound like him i want to hear now
[7:58:40 PM] Eva: .. #sarcasm
[7:58:44 PM] jay: oh psh
[7:58:45 PM] jay: ~_~
[7:58:46 PM] Eva: LOL
[7:58:59 PM] Eva: <3


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