So today my parents were driving my car with my CD playing–and I usually tend to skip this song, idk why–when Super Junior-M’s “U” started playing ;___; and suddenly I started to really miss Hangeng.

I believe I’ve heard dating rumors involving Hangeng and I really hope he’s happy and doing well. ;w; I wish him success on his path~

Awaiting the day when Super Junior-M will have its leader back and Super Junior will once again stand on stage as 13. Leeteuk’s dream has to come true.


I’m glad though that Rania’s “Dr. Feel Good” didn’t come on AHAHAHA. I would have to awkwardly ask my parents to skip the track. OwO It’s my song for when I feel like acting like a slut LOL. It’s sooo fun freaking people out by screaming “DOCTOR DOCTOR FEEL GOOD, COME MAKE ME FEEL REAL GOOD; STRAP ME DOWN INTO MY CHAIIIIIR; I’VE BEEN FEELING REAAL BADD” at the top of my lungs hahaha. :’D Chiisana, for example, was like, “D8 Who are you…?”


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  1. keep the gud work!! May ur dreams come true!

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