;________________________; I’m tearing up…

I previously mentioned that there was a paper that I stayed up all night writing, which I finished at 7 AM then consequently decided to skip school for the day, and slept from 8 AM til 5 PM.

First of all, I got an A on that paper. /o/

Second of all, it was for my Imagination and Play class, and in one part that was more personal than research, we were asked about the kind of play that we did when we were in middle childhood and why we liked those games. I mentioned that because I was an only child and was bullied at school, I didn’t have many companions and instead made friends out of stuffed animals.

My teacher wrote this:
“I am sooo very sorry to hear that. I suspect, given your academic talent, that you are going places in the future. That I hope will help make up, at least a little, for the misery of being bullied. I am also glad you had your stuffed animal friends to help.”

Q A Q -tearing up-

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