.. =w= I love today. #lesarcasm

One of those days where everything that could possibly go wrong…does go wrong. ._.

For starters, my youtube is now the new ugly layout.
I’m thinking of writing another letter to yt. ._.

Okay, so my Thursday class starts at 10:30 AM, so I usually wake up at 9 AM. Guess what time I woke up? 11 AM. ………. ._.

After much speeding, I got to the parking garage I usually park at–the one closest to my class–on Thursdays. To find out that part of it was reserved for the job fair today. Not a single parking space on any of the floors. ._. So I drove to another parking garage and finally got a space on the roof.

Got to class. My teacher did not accept the assignment due today because it’s due at 10:30. ….. ._. M-my poor grade.

So my class today is Music Technology and work for this class can only be done in this classroom during lab hours. Unlike others that left after class time was over [12:30 PM], I have no choice but to stay after class by myself and endure hunger pains until I’m done with the assignment. ._. Because I have class or work during all of the lab hours.
Oh and have I mentioned that I have very fast metabolism and can barely even go 2 hours without eating something? ;w; And eating + drinking isn’t allowed at all in the music tech lab…..

So I finished my assignment at 3:30 PM. Everybody had left by 2 so I was all alone. ;_; Although I guess that was a good thing because I ended up deciding to sing for one of the activities.

Went back to my car which was at the roof at the parking garage with no elevator. (_ _);; And there was a WONDERFUL surprise waiting for me!
A parking ticket. ._____.

I parked at the only place where there were still parking spaces left.. >_> and it happened to be a place where you needed a certain permit on Mon – Thur from 7 AM to 12 PM. Guess what time I got this ticket? 11:56 AM.
I have to pay $45 because of 4 minutes. ._.

Then I get to go home, right?! Nope. Went to work. I actually was so depressed, disappointed in myself, and out of it that I drove the wrong way ahaha. orz

Got to work and finally ate lunch at 4 PM. ._. I was really.. really hungry. And stressed. ;w; So when my coworkers came and saw me rush-eating in the cafeteria and were like, “Are you okay? Why does your smile look so unhappy?” .. ;w; I just burst. And I feel pathetic for crying in front of my coworkers LOL.

Plus I felt so much guilt for being a burden on my coworkers. D’: I’m supposed to work from 1 to 6 PM on Thursdays but because I can’t go to lab hours, I’ve been coming to work really late. ;A; When I got there, my boss was like, “My savior!” and I’m just like…. Q A Q what kind of savior am I when I couldn’t even be here to help sdaklfjal


Oh, but uh… LOL. So what we’re doing in music tech right now is learning to use garageband, specifically for looping.. xD;; So one activity was to record something then use looping, copying and pasting–the very basics.
=w= Everyone did beatboxing or whistling or something somewhat cool, and I didn’t know what to do soooooo… I did Haro Hawayu AHAHAHAHA. My teacher’s probably gonna be like, WTF THIS WEEBAOO D8


Garageband sucks for editing audio though :/ and I kinda rushed this haha. Also, I was trying to be quiet. x:



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