Hello to Myself


[my box folder of extras]


;A; So this is Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun’s solo song “Hello to Myself” from Dream High 2. Uh. I don’t really like Dream High 2. For many reasons. BUT I fell for this song after I found out the meaning of the lyrics Q A Q And one day, I just really really really wanted to sing something emotional and low’ish, and I realized I really like this song, sooooooooo.

This is about as far as I got though. (_ _);; There’s no instrumental so I didn’t sing with.. uploading or letting this out in public in mind. D;

Then then Mimi said she wanted to hear, so. ;w; Douzo~~

If this had an instrumental, I would not mind doing a full cover! But alas, curse you k-popppppp. And speaking of cursing, CURSE YOU YOUTUBE FOREVER FOR CHANGING THE CHANNEL LAYOUTS.
I even wrote and mailed Youtube a physical LETTER. That’s how passionate I am on this issue because I oppose these changes 100%. >_>;;
Although, as of right now, YT hasn’t gotten my channel yet ;AAAA; -clings- -clings forever- -snuggles channel- Please don’t leave me!!


On another note, YAY I have a temporary few-day break because I just had my test today, ALTHOUGH I do have midterms next week……. heh. heh. I shall worry about that in a couple day’s time /o/ -shotshotshot-

I’m becoming such a bad student Q A Q heh..hehhh……….. So uh. Sunday night, I pulled an all nighter writing an 11-page paper for a class and I finally finished it at 7 AM, turned it in online, made the decision [after much debating] to skip school for the day, went to bed at 8 AM for a nap… and woke up at 5 PM.

LOLLL. 9 hour nap. Hahahaha.
But yeah :/ it was for the sake of my health. I’d been getting so little sleep that if I had really gone to school as planned on Monday, I really.. don’t know what would have happened to me. Plus, my teachers mostly don’t take roll so absences don’t affect my grade directly [as long as I catch up on my own] whereas papers are super important for grades because we only get a few assignments for the entire semester. ;A;


Also, DDD8 why is it that only a while after, I find out about so many people that had found or stalked my blog.. and I had no idea……….. D8
-awkwardly waves- da herro.
My favorite one though is “I was googling PareFura and your page came up” HAHAHAHA MANGO. <3 I REALLY LOVE PAREFURA. /o/

And. =v= Well I got permission to tweet this so I’m just going to assume that it’s okay to leave here too~ I witnessed true fangirlling today. It was quite fascinating. I was rather dumbfounded.


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