I-I went to stalk my list of youtube subscribers LOL. And it’s like. *A* WHAT. S-s-so many people that I really admire, or that I consider really out of my league and stuff, or that I always heard about, or that I consider very well-known or respected are subscribed to me. ;A; I’m really shocked and pleasantly surprised!
WHAT IS THIS. I had no idea all those people even knew me—let alone subscribed to me. Whut. I’m. Whut. -dead-

Makes me so happy though…… ;___; <333

Seriously though, it’s such an honor. (_ _);;

Okay sorry I’m such a fangirl and I originally didn’t want to specifically point out names, but but but *A* [this isn’t all of them, but includinggg]


And then there are all those amazing people that I already knew were subscribed to me or that I’ve talked to so I’m not as surprised [I could go on forever naming them], but it’s still a huge huge huge honor. >w<
-forever a fangirl-

And it’s not just these people. ;__; But everyone that’s subscribed to me.. that at some point in their lifetime, actually thought, “Oh this channel seems interesting” or “I might want to see more from this girl” or IDK. JUST EVEN EVER SAW MY CHANNEL or any of my videos or Gemini, or might even possibly know my name.. It’s a huge honor. (_ _);; I’m incredibly flattered.


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