I’m always confused about my identity on the internet because I do so many things LOL. Although I think a lot of people consider me kind of mostly a k-pop coverist—and I can’t disagree too much since I claim to be based in K-pop—I do a lot of vocaloid, Hello!Project, J-pop, sometimes C-pop, sometimes even Disney, and sometimes even Disney in French.. And I don’t really specifically categorize myself towards any of these genres or languages? D:
;A; I don’t really specialize in any of those things.. Plus, sometimes I’m known for just being a rapper, but I’m not really? And sometimes I’m known just for mixing or just for animating, but I’m not really? ;A; So I have a hard time identifying myself as a coverist, dubber, utaite, rapper, mixer, or animator..

I transcend a bunch of communities, which is awesome ’cause I know a lot of different people, but it’s kinda hard because I never feel like I belong. ;A; Because of that, I tend to really cling to Gemini because we’re super close and we have similar interests, with them dipping in different genres, languages, and communities as well. :3 I love that because Gemini ends up being quite versatile.

It makes me really jealous though of those that really belong in those communities! O: Lately I’ve been making a lot of friends in the vocaloid/utattemita community and they’re awesome<3 but there’ll be things like the Utattemita Voice Meme or that google doc with a bunch of birthdays of YT utaites, and I wouldn’t ever feel right doing the voice meme or adding myself to the document because I can’t classify myself as an utaite. The same would apply if such things existed for K-pop or Hello!Project.

But right now Q A Q I-I’m making the video for a K-pop song……. but it’s like.. HOW DO YOU EVEN ANIMATE A K-POP SONG LOL. Usually in K-pop, you just slap on the MV! Lately I’ve been looking into videos for vocaloid and although I don’t quite have that Nico Nico style, recently I animated the video for G4’s Fukai Mori. Q A Q But how do I make a video for a K-pop song?!?! It’s like trying to bring my utattemita animating mindset into the k-pop realm—integrating two entirely different worlds—and mixing these two is just so confusing lol. I have no idea what I’m doing!! /corner
I’m having so much trouble ahahahaha but it’s a gift for somebody, so~~ ^^ I’ll keep trying..
The end result is not going to be pretty though. =A=


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