Between the sheets


;A; S-so I’m a pretty big fan of Vivid Chemistry. And I went through this phase of looping their Vocafusion round 1 entry, which is amazing and impressive in many ways. Eventually, I came to be rather fond of the song.

.. ;w; Earlier, I randomly felt like singing even though it was nighttime… so I did a short of “Between the sheets.” D’x Oh gosh, HAHA.
-hides forever-
As I wrote on the file description, there’s a lot of head voice and holding back  >w< because I’m afraid of people hearing me sing, which is ironic as hell because I do covers on the internet. .___. But in any case, yeah I cheated and lowered the pitch because I did this strictly for fun~

And it’s like Q A Q I know some of the ViviChem members but ASKDLFJWEIO THIS IS SO EMBARRASSING. I’ll probably never tell any of them about this LOL. -still hiding forever-


Oh. And it happens to be Valentine’s Day.
Oh sorry, that was a typo–I meant Forever Alone Day. Not sure how I made that big of a blunder. But in any case!! -throws confetti of sarcasm-

Kind of a coincidence though that it’s Valentine’s Day and I happened to do this song LOL. I-I didn’t do it on purpose though and only realized after.
Q A Q [referring to this post LOL]


One Response

  1. Wow that’s really good o___o you sound so pro! Imsuprisedyourenotfamousyet keep it up! Happy forever alone day! Eat jjajjangmyun for dinner! ^_____^ loljk

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