Explaining Transformice

[11:00:03 PM] Raian: oh yeah Jay
[11:00:09 PM] Raian: u should play transformice with us
[11:00:13 PM] Raian: I think u would be so good
[11:00:16 PM] jay: o.o
[11:00:23 PM] jay: is that like transformers? or what
[11:00:26 PM] Raian: LMAO
[11:00:31 PM] Raian: you are a cute little mouse
[11:00:39 PM] jay: oh..ty..

L M A O <3


Oh yeah! Jay made a new account. I don’t know if I should be sharing this because on his last account, he didn’t want anyone subscribing to him.
Q A Q But I just thought I should spread the information anyway.

The username is JaySingYou LOOOOL get it? x’D Chasing you?


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