This isn’t a blog,

but my spamhole instead. =A=

Them all with their twitters~ >A< I have a place to spam too. Although it’s always just either derpiness or rants LOL.

I kind of feel bad for it. ;w; But at the same time, I really don’t think anybody even comes to here, so I’m kind of just blogging for myself because it’s enjoyable!


Unrelated, but I REALLY love Ailee’s “Heaven.”
Ailee is so talented, it’s unbelievable. She has the voice of an angel and even raps well and dances well. ;w; So much respect for her. And she’s from the US! But yeah, this song is gorgeous and the MV is really meaningful. <3

Gemini girls are planning to do this song. OwO
Although I don’t know when on earth [or in Heaven AHAHAH /bricked] it will be done, please look forward to it!

Mimi and Chiisana’s belting is going to be awesome. *____* .. and then there’s me who can’t do high notes. ;w; But it’s okay because I’m mostly the verses! ^^ And I’m going to rap too.


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