Our Friendship =w=

[2:33:42 AM] Chiisana: sooooo Ebahhh =v=
[2:33:47 AM] Chiisana: it’s just the two of us now =v=
[2:34:08 AM] Chiisana: =v=
[2:35:22 AM] Eva: groce.
[2:35:31 AM] Chiisana: =v=
[2:35:40 AM] Eva: your groce gurl.
[2:36:13 AM] Chiisana: I have a grocery girl? ovo
[2:36:50 AM] Chiisana: how convenient =v=

[2:47:16 AM] Chiisana: good night sweet dreams!! have a nice day tomorrrooow
[2:47:21 AM] Chiisana: >w<)///!!!!!
[2:47:23 AM] Chiisana: mmmmwah
[2:47:28 AM] Eva: ew whatever
[2:47:30 AM] Eva: good night =w=

The loli/tsundere BFFery. =w=
[Not sure if “loli” is the right term though but okay~] 

Oh and speaking of Chiisana, SHE HAS A NEW COVER. AND IT IS REALLY BEAUTIFUL. AND HER VOICE IS ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS AND HER RANGE IS MINDBLOWING. So I really think that you should watch it. ;w;/ !!

ロベリア / Lobelia【小さな】


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