i vlog too..kinda

;w; Wow, I spammed a lot last night HAHA. I told you =w= this wordpress is like my twitter. <3 Except I can make longer posts and insert pictures and videos! 8D
I’m soo relieved right now~ My quizzes and assignments and in-class essays and stuff that I’d been stressing over are all over with now. *A* Tomorrow, class is cancelled so I just have to go to work in the afternoon. And I only have yoga class on Friday. So basically, I don’t have to do hw or anything until like……… Sunday night. *_____* hahaha. Actually, I don’t know if I even have any hw. OwO But this is so nice! I feel so free~ wheeeeeee

School was a bit stressful though. ;w; I-I was so tired last night—although I guess it serves me right to have slept so late since I spent so much time distracted ;w; but I was studying in between, and those distractions kept me sane…—that I forgot to turn on my alarm. ._______. I usually wake up at 7:40 and plan to leave the house at around 8:20.
I woke up today at 8:18.

=A= I also kept falling asleep at school.. I bobbed in and out of consciousness several times in two of my classes LOL.
Then at the end of my Stress Management class, after the quiz, we had an intervention where we got to experience relaxation techniques……… so we were all lying on the ground on mats, with relaxing bgm, and our teacher telling us things like, “Let gravity take over… Your arms and legs are heavy… Your arms are pleasantly warm and this warmth is spreading to your hands…”

Uh. I was dead asleep LOL. Thankfully I woke right before we were done!
It was a nice nap. =w=b It kept me awake for the essays that followed.

… I came here to blog with a purpose. And now I forget what it was.

Oh yeah…… I should probably mention this LOL.
I made a vlog channel a while back. =w= I’m not active on it though. And my life is boring. And I’m awkward. And my vlogs aren’t interesting. I just vlogged because my life is boring and I didn’t have anything to do.



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