Random posts are random

LOOOL I was about to log off wordpress and then I see this button called “Random Post,” so I was like OMG LET’S CLICK THAT AND SEE WHAT I GET. Wow. I was really weird and random back in the day AHAHAHA. I was suuuuuch a spazzy fangirl omg. Although admittedly, I still am one. =w= Just in an entirely different way. =w=~~

Also I didn’t know wordpress had Follow and Reblog options……. o A o a-are they trying to make this like another tumblr? LOL.

But my god, I’m embarrassing HAHA. I guess I shouldn’t hold back then =w= Since it might already be a known fact that I’m weird. No need to hide it then =A=~~~

Okay, I need to like.. start taking selcas and posting random crap again LOL.


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