I probably shouldn’t even be here, because I’m at work.
But if I really don’t have an outlet somewhere, I might just cry, so I’m here.

I’m just..exhausted. I work today from 9 AM to 6 PM, and I stayed up til 4 AM last night—as usual, basically—doing homework. x_X And I think I still am going to have to stay up really late tonight doing hw and studying for tomorrow. I’m probably going to spend my lunch break today studying too. ;w; I’m trying to be really strong for other people, but when it comes to myself, I don’t have that strength and I can’t even comfort myself or expect to be comforted, and I just want to stay in my room and cry or do something that makes me happy. ;_; I really just need to man up though and suck it up because my life is not that sad and I’m still giving everything my best.

I started using twitter a bit more the past few days, especially because last weekend was really fun and carefree—I was able to escape responsibilities and jump into the world of Transformice with online friends who are awesome [I’m really happy that they kept me not lonely for a while]—but now I-I think I’m going to back away from twitter a bit. ;w; My self esteem is really blehh haha.
So h-hello again.
-shrinks away- ;w;/

I WISH K-POP HAD MORE INSTRUMENTALS. Lucky vocaloid utaites can cover almost anything they want.. ;_; H!P and J-pop dubbers get that priviledge most of the time with A-side tracks. But K-pop coverists have to struggle to find a good quality fanmade instrumental or try to make one themselves, with official ones being rare. x_X

I wanted to cover Block B’s Nanlina because I <3 Block B—I bought the mini album!!—and they release instrumentals, but the song is not good for covers. .____. Well, maybe for guys it might be okay, but it’s just not something I can sing/rap, and it’s not a fun song like Tell Them. ;A; I wish I had had the time to cover Tell Them back when it was hot, ’cause I really wanted to but was drowning under DUBattle Royale.

I want an instrumental of Miryo’s “Leggo” for my birthday. =.=


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